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Add-on series are designed specifically for those who would like to experience the features of smart locks at affordable prices. This unit is added on top of your existing lock handle. Our certified installers will make a small hole on top of your existing handle and attached this unit to act as the locking device. Smart ideas at smart phone prices.

Standard Features: Add-on series (without handle)
Access Method: Pin-code and/or Card
Built-in Intruder Alarm System (triggers when lock is tampered or forced open)
Backup System include ‘external’ battery terminal and low battery indicator. Overide key for SHS-3320
Low power consumption (each sets of alkaline AA battery lasts up to 1-Year/12 months)
Selectible Manual or Auto-locking feature
Double locking mode for extra security
Random Secuirty code for extra password protection
Fire sensor (from inside) to provide easy exit in case fire breakout in order to avoid being trapped. This is crucial for condos and apartments where the main door is the only exit point
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